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Twice Upon A Time by C. C. Phillips

Free ebook: historical
Genre/Category: Historical Fiction
Creative Commons
Ebook Format: PDF
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Twice Upon A Time by C. C. Phillips
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Ebook Synopsis

    When Tom O'Brien discovers a magazine article featuring a ranch family in western Alberta, he is captivated by the resemblance the Tungstalls bear to the Milto family he knew in the past. While it is said that everyone has a double, O'Brien believes an entire family having a mirror image is beyond coincidence, especially when the family he knew existed nearly fifty years ago.

    Follow Tom O'Brien in his quest for answers and his mission to ensure his life is not destroyed by a time dimensional warp. Live with a modern day rancher and his family as they travel to the 1960's to spend fifteen years in the past, making friends and riding herd through two lifetimes.

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