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The Saracen: The Holy War by Robert J. Shea

Free ebook: historical
Genre/Category: Historical Fiction
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The Saracen: The Holy War by Robert J. Shea
Ebook Synopsis

Destiny will not wait. At last, the final confrontation between East and West, Sacarcen and Crusader, is about to take place. The awesome magic of one civilization will be pitted against the unslaked thirst for conquest of its rival.

Daoud ibn Abdullah, the fair-haired spy and assassin known as the White Emir from the palaces of Cairo, will have his long-anticipated duel with Simon de Gobignon, the young French count entrusted with the guardianship of King and Pope. And Sophia, the beautiful courtesan richly trained in the arts of both love and treachery, must make her agonizing choice between the two warriors, a choice whose consequences will go dangerously beyond the hungers of the heart, or of life and death itself...

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