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The Rise Of Chu's By Kaushal Yogi
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Genre/Category: Historical Fiction
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The Rise Of Chu's By Kaushal Yogi
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Ebook Synopsis

The author, Kaushal Yogi, is from Alwar in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

This is the story of a family who stayed in politics from the beginning.

A baby is about to born in the 'all politician family'- The Chu's.

The family has a strong political hold in the city, but that is because they received it as a gift from their forefathers. All five present members of the family are politicians, but have a domestic life very normal as that of any other family.

The story runs parallel to that of question hour of parliament and it is running on the same theme, with the same set of questions and same set of answers even after 25 years, when the Chu, born at the beginning of the story joins the parliament as a minister.


No politician lives at ‘Politician house’ now. Once it was a house of ‘all politician family’- Chu family. The family was in politics with a long-standing political influence, from well before the word got invented, achieved many social goals by using their political standings and opportunist policies and was controlling local community in an organized way with professional precision. Political and personal history of the members was nowhere shorter or weaker than the history of Bismarck’s of Germany, Otto’s of Austria, Castro’s of Cuba, and Cecil’s of Britain. All five present members of the family were local politicians, as the previous generation was. The story that children were taught in a school of the city that being a citizen in a democracy they had right to life, liberty, equality and good sleep and that being equal they will not be treated differently and unfairly, was just a story.

The house was huge and strong like this-can’t-collapse fort with walls, thick and tall, made of mud brick and stones, and painted in red that could only be entered through the entrance gates. The house which absorbed multiple attempts of invasion to collapse it during past warfare’s of almost every category, leave aside just civil wars, holy wars, guerilla wars, war for girls, for independence or cold and hot wars and was telling the glorious tale of the history of Chu’s and the men who built it, their main rivals, the Bull’s family. Started as good friendship between the two families, for a matter as small as a spark it turned into hatred within few generations and that hatred failed to turn to friendship again. The Bull’s tried hard to suppress and destroy the Chu’s but did never succeed. Various statues of the Chu’s at the cities crossroads were a reminder of their exceptional power and legacy in the area and existence of scope for debate over it were very narrow.