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The echoes of Solon By D S S Atkinson
Free ebook: historical action adventure

Genre/Category: Historical Fiction
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The echoes of Solon By D S S Atkinson
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Ebook Synopsis

On the dawns of a worldwide cataclysm, a nation at the peak of its technological progression comes to an abrupt stall. The Atlanteans have depleted their last deposits of orichalcum, without it they cannot further the development of their nation. The only place left to search for the precious ore however is upon the lands surrounding the Parting Sea. The very place the Atlantean god fled from at the dawn of the new age. King Atl’As sends his first chosen, Thu’Ra, between the Fingertips of Poseidon to watch over his family as they attempt to steal everything from the ruling powers of the Mediterranean.

Upon learning a hostile nation comes from beyond the Pillars of Hercules, the troubled Athenian warlords prepare Greece against the invasion whispered to be sweeping across the lands their nation vows to keep free. Against political turmoil and personal struggles, Arbicos and Arbephest ready themselves to protect the Hellenes.

On course for an unimaginable confrontation, none that live are prepared for a climate change that is about to shake the earth to its core.

If you enjoy reading action packed works set in antiquity then I'm confident you will enjoy my writing. If you find yourself at the end of my first book please take a moment to send me some feedback! It would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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