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The Unification (Anschluss) By Charles Coiro
Marley Was Dead: A Christmas Carol Mystery. By Lenny Everson
The Devil is a Woman - J. M. Munro
Thursday Afternoon. By John C. Nash
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All Things are Lights is a popular historical book by Robert J. Shea. Here's a taste: 'In the late afternoon, a messenger from the King reached Amalric. The King's party, the man reported, had stopped at a village a league back. The fighting, he said, seemed to be dying down. The King requested Amalric's presence at a council. The village was a collection of mud brick huts with thatched roofs, abandoned for now by its fellahin inhabitants, who had probably fled behind Saracen lines. It smelled of human and animal dung. The Oriflamme was planted above ...