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Positive Thinking & The Meaning Of Life
by Marcus Freestone

Category: Philosophy Books
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Positive Thinking & The Meaning Of Life by Marcus Freestone
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Are you plagued by negative thinking, indecision and guilt? Would you like to transform your life with positive thinking skills and effective stress management and eliminate negative self-talk? Have no fear, this is not your typical self-help book. This is a collection of practical, down to earth tips and techniques gleaned from psychology and philosophy that can help you transform your thoughts and actions from failure to success. Learn how your brain actually works and the processes that control your thoughts, actions and emotions. You will learn that it is very easy to rewire your brain and gain new levels of motivation and self-confidence. Replace self-doubt and sadness with self-esteem and happiness. You will also discover that the meaning of life is no big deal after all. This book is FREE and has no side effects.


I've know for years through studying mainstream psychology and Gurdjieff and Ouspensky that the subconscious brain does most of our processing but I hadn't realised the huge disparity between the processing power of the conscious and subconscious. Whilst the subconscious brain can process 11 million bits of information a second, the conscious brain can only process 11 bits a second. That means the subconscious is a top range quantum computer whereas the conscious is a ZX81 that's been dropped in the bath and hit with a rock fourteen times.

This means that if, as I have done for years now, you try to take conscious control of much of your subconscious decision making, you will overload your poorly equipped and already overcrowded consciousness. Our conscious mind has an elaborate system of filters that allow us to ignore most of what goes on around us, and it is there for the very good reason that our consciousness is already operating at full stretch. We are enmeshed in a constant loop of thoughts > feelings > actions because we always think about and react to our actions afterwards.

It seems that the latest results of neuroscientific inquiry indicate strongly that in depth analysis of decision making is the prerogative of the subconscious brain. It is irrelevant why or how this imbalance between conscious and subconscious cognition has come to be the case – it is simply a fact and these are the parameters that we have to operate within as conscious entities.

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