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Seeking Answers 11.11 edition By Ming Lou
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Seeking Aswers 11.1 edition by Ming Lou
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This is a book dedicated in pursuing truth on a fundamental level.

Science philosophy is the ultimate foundation of the rational ideology which our world view build on and it is this world view which will direct our values, principles and strategies which will lead us to the far future or doom us sooner than we expected. Science philosophy is linked to our society, our behaviour. If we want to plan a future we cannot avoid talking about it and we have to get it right. On issues that concern human future such as principles on science philosophy and science, there is no room for personal considerations such as modest or cocky. It is utterly beyond individual and landed on the realm of truth that directly linked with human future. Therefor the author is forced to speak straight and to the point. The principles and theories the author put forward here is to turn the tide of modern science superstitions such as unconditional entropy ever growing, expanding universe, space-time bent, worm holes, time travel, singularity, god particle, the wrong application of natural principles on human society such as social Darwinism, invisible hand in economy, use economic levers such as tax, fine, aid, donations to solve environmental problems, use profitable ways to save environment, an easy, luxury, free way to reach future, human society can continue with the natural principle of free completion and natural selection and reach future, human work can create value…

People are not god, when they make more findings, they will make more mistakes and the progress is achieved in the process of correcting mistakes and make new findings. The author claim to be the true loyal student of the great philosophers and scientists who hold their scientific spirits and principles firm and refuse to slip down into the tide of science superstitions. You simply cannot afford to do that because it is an issue of all human survival including every single individual and no one can be excluded from it.

Therefore, I am here invite challenge on my principles and theories. You are required to face the principles and theories directly and deal with them. If you can break my principles and theories in a philosophical and scientific way, I cannot be more happy and grateful, because that means new progress, one more step closer to the absolute truth. If not, the author demand the whole society apply and practice these principles and theories to solve the problems that facing all human being so urgently and severe.

Reading is not always easy. When you read, you need to check the concept, logic and principle is correct. Swallow them up without analysis and criticism, will cause chaos in your knowledge system. Without correct them in time, they will derive more wrong concept, logic and principle and in the meantime will form wrong path dependence that will make them even harder to correct and will cost more when correction is needed.

Principles and theories are the tools for thinking. Direct and indirect experiences are the materials to be used in thinking activities. The purpose of this book is to provide a tool set for thinking and to provide a weapon in the struggle for life. Liberate your mind is the prerequisite step. Then the deciding factor will be the methodology of thinking. For effective thinking, correct concepts, logics and principles have to be deployed.

Though for some mysterious unknown reason this book made a world record of zero sale since it was born, the author still reckon this is the book that is among the most important books ever created and it will play a crucial role in the struggle for human far future. Now it is put in the free eBook websites, everyone can easily download it and keep as a reference book in your life.

Everyone have a limited life span but the struggle for human far future cannot stop. Everyone have the responsibility to carry the struggle on, no matter what.

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