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Hubs that Provoke
By Roy T James

Genre/Category: Philosophy, Mind, Religion
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Hubs that Provoke. By Roy T James
Ebook Synopsis

Hubs that Provoke is a non-fiction philosophical collection written by Roy T. James. In this work, James offers a selection of his Hub Pages that deal with a wide-ranging variety of subjects and offering unconventional opinions. His opening essay explores libido and gender, and further Hubs discuss religion and contrast the material and the spiritual worlds.

Some of his more provocative essays examine terrorism and extremism, and in them he attempts to find the roots of each in other, more mundane and acceptable aspects of thought and culture. James briefly covers GMO crops, chemical fertilizers and organic farming, and offers his own take on the uses and benefits of each. He also presents an historical view of global warming and considers how differing philosophies may see the phenomena as something to adapt to rather than to attempt to curtail.

In the author's concluding essay, he deals with intolerance afresh, citing its possible roots and causes, and offering avenues towards solutions.

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