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. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 10
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

Category: People and Planet
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. . . and Gulliver Returns - Book 10 by Lemuel Gulliver XVI
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Book 10: Justice-Liberty or Equality.

After visiting The Colonies, the libertarian paradise, Commander. Gulliver and his friends meet a professor to talk about what is justice for a society. The ideas of justice rest on the three basic assumptions for our values as discussed in book 4. But another continuum needs to be addressed when looking at justice in a society. This deals with the equality to liberty continuum. The first question to discuss is whether or not we humans are equal or unequal. If we are equal then equality should be shown throughout the society, including the equality of wages or economic equality. If we are not equal then we should have the freedom, the liberty, to achieve to whatever levels we desire––including financial liberty.

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