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Bridal Mysticism by K A Shott

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Bridal Mysticism by K A Shott
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Ebook Synopsis

Spiritual sex, as a means of achieving transcendentalism via orgasm, has been a nuance, or sect, of many world religions. Yet, whether it issued from Judeo-Christian bridal mystics, Hinduism’s Kama Sutra or Buddhism’s tantras sex was relegated to either a minor position or to a very small faction of followers. In contemporary culture we also have the scientific aspect of sexuality, the drug-induced alterations of sexuality, and multitudinous displays of sexual imagery. Why?

From the beginning—as is evident by ancient texts—Mankind has longed for meaningful sex…and still does.

The collected poems of Bridal Mysticism allow the reader to explore a unique insight into human sexuality. It is for those who are willing to embrace their sexuality in order to fully embody spiritualism.