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The Meat Murderers by K A Shott

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The Meat Murderers by K A Shott
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Ebook Synopsis

A collection of poems exploring "flesh" with diversification of specificity ranging topics often broached {death/birth/war} and those often considered taboo [cannibalism...anorexia] with many falling between these extremes.

One example is the poem, "President Meat Man." When pondering the image of three dead soldiers lying prostrate on a beach the poem compares war to cannibalism:

"Will those next three be one of mine? Will they be served up for wars made of bologna and peanut butter in a world whose stomach prefers meals of what's been ground down "No bones, please. No teeth. Pass the meat through the grinder again, make it soft enough to eat," while we feed our children to the Sausage-Maker who encases them in the uniforms of --the intestines of- 3 dead soldiers lying on a beach..."