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Beautifully Crazy by Max M. Power
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Beautifully Crazy by Max M. Power
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Ebook Synopsis

A complete collection of poetry beginning with my first poem, written in 1992 through to the last poem written in 2010. Each poem that I could find that was penned by my hand appears in this book. I have truly poured my heart and soul out in these pages, so I hope you enjoy them.

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What You Do to Me

Your eyes are so beautiful and deep

That I often see them in my sleep.

I drink of your lips so divine

Because they are sweeter than any wine.

You intoxicate me

So much that I really do feel as drunk as I can be.

I enjoy wrapping my arms around your waist

And pulling you close to me without haste.

Your hair, so rich and long

Is more beautiful than any song.

Your skin is so soft and smooth

That I truly am moved

To show you how much I love you

And take away all your blues.

Your face is so soft to the touch

That it fills my heart ever so much.

I don’t know what it is you do

To drive me so crazy for you

But keep it up, no don’t you stop

Because you I value the most and put on top.