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Voices From Oja Oba Market
compiled and edited by Wole Adedoyin

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Voices From Oja Oba Market compiled and edited by Wole Adedoyin
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Voices From Oja Oba Market is a  Collection of Poems in Celebration of Oja Oba Market in Ibadan compiled and edited by Wole Adedoyin.

Oja Oba is a popular and famous market in Ibadan. It accommodates all kinds of produce sellers and buyers. It is also one of the oldest markets in the history of Ibadan. King’s Market is both the commercial and political Centre of Ibadan land.

Mapo and Bere are not quite far from the King’s Market and these two places are the most essential locations for Ibadan politics and commercial transactions. To us, there is need to celebrate the market for it contributions towards the growth and development of Oyo State. Its contribution should not be under-estimated.

Apart from politics and commercial transactions, Oja ‘ba also plays a significant role in accommodating traditional drummers, flutists, poets, performers, masquerades, dancers who only perform for money.

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