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A Rattlebag of Poetry 1995-2004
By Wendy Webb

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Ebook Format: PDF
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A Rattlebag of Poetry 1995-2004 by Wendy Webb
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An assorted mix of early poems, written 1995 to 2004 by the author. These are unthemed poems, variously published individually, but not as a collection.

A poem from the book:


A deep-gouged chasm through white naked rock,
sweeping insistent through the traffic flow.
The bearded man lies ashen and mocking
beside rolling curves and perpetual moan.

A dark track of tarmac, newly mown,
with rigid purpose plunges down the hill.
Progress pursues him while the old man mourns,
passing chalk-faced in abandoned stillness.

Crumbling in the rubble of life’s choice rock,
the timely old man stares gaping and rude.
In stony silence his white door is locked
and he hurtles past me down the new road.

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