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Shoah: Remembering the Forgotten
by Joanne Elisha Yeo Jia Xuan

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Shoah: Remembering the Forgotten by Joanne Elisha Yeo Jia Xuan
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Reader Age 17+

A collection of poetry inspired by the WWII Jewish Holocaust. Shoah: Remembering the Forgotten questions the meaning of life and presents readers a glimpse of the lives of the Jewish people during the Nazi era.

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A poem from the book:

Holocaust Noise

We wailed, we prayed, we lamented, we begged,
we said grace, we cursed, we sang hymns, we hummed tuneless songs,
we said “Blessed be the Almighty!”, we condemned His name,
we bickered and fought over a breadcrumb on the floor,
our stomachs growled, we gulped down our diluted bowl of potato soup,
someone asked for an extra piece of bread for his sickly father,
a gunshot thundered through the room accompanied by an
audible crack of the skull and splattering sound of his blood and left brain,
little children asked their mother and father “why?”,
they said something about god, trial and faith
but in their hearts they too were asking and probing,
we said Kaddish for the dead, we apologized for no longer saying Kaddish,
we slammed our palms against the walls of the gas chamber
and screamed at the top of our voices while the gas filled our lungs,
we uttered our last, we fell silence, we no longer spoke.