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A Little Ways down the Rabbit Hole
by Joanne Elisha Yeo Jia Xuan

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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A Little Ways down the Rabbit Hole by Joanne Elisha Yeo Jia Xuan
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Reader Age 17+

A Little Ways down the Rabbit Hole takes mundane daily occurrences and transforms them into one filled with excitement, thoughts and emotions. Journey through places with each piece of well-crafted poetry and indulge in the rich sensory imagery they provide.

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A poem from the book:

The Fourth Floor Window

Whenever I walk by the 27th street I can’t help but stop
at the foot of the yellow and white building to gaze
upon the fifth window from the right on the fourth floor.
In the stagnant background are tireless children frolicking

on the playground and field and standing on the seat of the swing
pretending to be superheroes, and chattering housewives
sitting on the steel benches occasionally flickering their eyes
onto the kids to do a perfunctory check for any accidents or mischiefs
while their tongues rambled on unending gossips.

I couldn’t care less about the activities going on behind me.
I could only see, before my eyes, the slightly open
dark-tinted windows and the red-white checkered curtain
hanging idly, while I wait for a minute or two
and jump at the slightest sign of the curtain rustling,
but no arm would emerge to wave at me.