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Joys of a Pet By Ai Tse Ying
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Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Joys of a Pet By Ai Tse Ying
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Oh! The joys of a pet. They're our companions, our friends. They comfort us and bring joy to our lives. This book is filled with poems on different pets and the joys and things we can observe from them.

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Escape ArtistĀ 

The rabbit likes to be free

Not trapped by any cages

Once confined,

It finds ways to escape from his 'prison'

Biting the metal bars,

Lifting it up with his teeth

The rabbit frees himself

Time and time again.

Until I, his owner, gives up

He can't be confined

He will be free to roam the houseĀ 

The rabbit, the escape artist,

Is finally free!