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The Way Back To Be Human By Mustafa Kenj
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The Way Back To Be Human By Mustafa Kenj
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A collection of poems and a short story told in verse, exploring subjects concerned with the despair and adversities of the human race. The author is from Syria.

Never a killer shall I come

On earth In life I am a human
if a soldier had been i one day
and The officer has issued me to shoot one guy.
I would do nothing but turn the gun
Turn it to my self
because it is easier to commit suicide
to kill another creature share my features
if an Error he has made being born in different place having opposite color, thoughts believes.
Mine would be More and More
To Put on an end to heavenly industrial thing
There is one God Yeah there is Allah
who can take his age soul at definite Day
So i gonna say to my General
Good bye shooting my self Dead.