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Fly Away & other poems
By Geetima Baruah Sarma

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Fly Away & other poems  By Geetima Baruah Sarma
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The Author is from Guwahati, India. She has been writing poems since November 2009 and her poems have appeared in 'The Assam Tribune', 'The Sentinel', 'The Arunachal Times', 'Indian Ruminations', 'Indian Review', 'Indus Woman Writing', 'Enajori', '7sisters', 'Fried Eye', 'The Hudaang' etc.

Fly Away

As I opened the gate,
I heard a noise,
In the bush nearby.
I stopped and looked.
I found a little bird scuffle,
Between the fence and the bush.
I picked it up and
Brought it home.
The cute little bird was beautiful,
With green feathers, a blue neck
And a red patch on its head.
I tried to feed it,
But it looked sad.
It got hurt,
In one of its wings
And one of its legs.
I thought of putting it
In a cage and
Watching it everyday.
But then, I decided.
Little bird, fly away.

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