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Upcoming Voices Edited by Wole Adedoyin
Poems About Life

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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Upcoming Voices Edited by Wole Adedoyin - Poems About Life
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Upcoming Voices is a collection of poems by up and coming Nigerian Poets. It explores different areas related to human endeavors.

An Obscure Trick

I went gently into that cool night
As my eyes grew faint,
And could no longer hear whispers nor sounds,
Far I found myself
From where I lay,
Due to sounds of slammed door and horrific scream,
With winds blowing bleak and shrill,
I saw a nasty little girl laughing at a huge tree,
Pray against the spirit of failure was all she said
As she fell like a roaring lion,
Every human present seems afraid,
Until the dawning of the day which was like a decay
Success made it clear that it was a plan by those involved to be famous,
I remember that night I was a goddess
Because I was not carried away,
All was done in arbitrary darkness when no electric supply
It was an obscure trick,
A trick in the dark.

Miracle Olafihan
University of Ilorin