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Dragon By Violeta Milovanovic
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Dragon By Violeta Milovanovic
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"You're a dragon, not a kite" - The fourth collection of poetry by Violeta Milovanovic brings a new wave of faith and hope. It tells the truth about a wild dragon, a warrior that hides in every one of us. Only faith in your own powers and strength will wake up the sleeping dragon. Believe!

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There's a dragon in everyone's heart,

his fire flickering down in the core,

let it rise to a roaring flame,

let your voice be heard.

The beast is asleep,

its weary eye on the verge of a lift

silently, it bleeds

in the deep shadows split

suddenly by a blazing ray of light.

Be awake, be brave,

you're a dragon, not a kite!

All the storms and flashes of lightning

will not kill you

for your faith is an inkling

of the power that rests within you.