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A Handful of Words By C.E.Vance
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A Handful of Words By C.E.Vance
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From birth to death and whimsy fantasies, a handful of words is an attempt to describe the worlds that I envision through poetic verse.

Princess of the Flowers

In sequined sparkles, the sun caressing her flowing gown
Atop silken tresses, an adornment of a golden crown
Beside lone butterfly - she winks and flashes a lovely smile
Above the flowering petals they both hover for a while

On dainty wings, flying to and fro, she finds heart’s content
Across blossoming meadows she sprinkles ambrosial scent
Quick wave of hand lightly showers the aromatic fluff
Princess of the flowers soon whisks away in a windless puff

On winding journey, her ardent chore performed each year
Waiting flowers gracefully bow as she approaches near
In waning day she snuggles between a soft petals fold
For chilly nights, warm caring heart protects her from the cold

Early rising, she sips from droplets of fresh morning dew
With cool dabbing splash to face - errand day starts anew
Princess of the flowers ascends in the surrounding perfume
Aloft on wings zipping away to where more flowers bloom

Caring and nurturing is the essence of her content
Beautiful princess, a sweet flower’s blossoming scent
Loving heart freely given without an expectant due
Then within the garden my own princess comes into view

Her radiance shimmering - like sequins on a gown
Wave of long silken tresses creates an adorning crown
True princess of the flowers arrives in royal style
Beside me she cuddles and flashes her lovely smile