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Poetry for Modern Children By N.
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Poetry for modern children is a book written for today's children who don't only face challenges such as peer pressure etc., but children who also come across stereotypes in our modern society and fad diets and so on.

To regain self esteem and be proud of who they are and where they come from has been my aim in writing. There are other playful poems that children at a more younger age can read.

The elder

Respect the elderly young man

Respect the elderly young lady

One day your hair will be white as snow

Your memory unsettled as the clouds

Everything ages, as trees do grow

Do not giggle when they ask you to speak louder

Walk them across the street now and then

Help them read when they can’t

Exercise their memory count from one to ten

Never ever say you won’t

For all your days are numbered

Be friendly to the elderly

They have taken care of our earth

Looked after you since birth

They may sit under the sun

They may hide behind the book

Bring tea while they read

The future looks so far, yet it’s too near.

Love the elderly

One day we’ll be called the elderly too

Let’s love, as we would love to be loved