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The Future Temperament
By TK Ramchand

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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The Future Temperament By TK Ramchand
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Dedicated to all the MARTYRS, who,
Though innocents, god stood quite helpless, to
Save from more mighty fundamentalists,
Religious-blind, mad, too mad terrorists!
Save mankind from holocaust and butchers,
Forever, and avoid need for stretchers!
What we need is peace, and not mortuaries
In thousand god’s names! Divine treacheries!
Long back, if mad creatures some, did blunder!
Religious madness stirred, forgetting his
Humaneness, man would turn beast, in all his
Brutish nature, to die for the cheater!
If god created only one in each
Sex; just think, who we are all in this batch!
Aren’t we all brothers and sisters? How bad
We kill each other in god’s name! Quite sad!
Save THE MANKIND, from the clutches
‘F gods’ assistants, who enmity hatches!
But, sacrifice of, Innocents, that’s scare!
Only love that shun superstitions, pure!