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Rooz. By Roozbeh Sohani
English Translation by Roozhin Nazari

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
Standard Copyright
Ebook Format: PDF
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A collection of poems by Iranian poet, Roozbeh Sohani. Translated into English by Roozhin Nazari.

As the translator of this collection, I felt the real love in these poems. They are seductive and full of flowing sense without any tie, especially this poem:

you drink tea of my mouth
I wake up of your eyes

which talks about Being two lovers, The One. This point of view expresses the poet’s affinity with eastern gnosticism.

Roozbeh Sohani also has humanistic and social apprehensions:

I like to feed all the stuck walls
of your fingers' story
(which how much lallaby
has got caught among its lines)
the children of this city
get asleep
on starving skirts