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The Cosmic Billionaires Club
By Rodney H. Dixon

Genre/Category: Poetry Books
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The Cosmic Billionaires Club. By Rodney H. Dixon
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Ebook Synopsis

The Cosmic Billionaires Club is a book of poetry about the surge and dominance of the modern day solar industry decades before its arrival with the 2005 Clean Air Act.


The world, as a result, combines the essence of past and present. I have attempted to harness the various weights and balances so that the future becomes apparent.

I am proud, that my ability to travel in both directions at will, while displaying its truth at an instance. Various angles were chosen to illustrate how light does travel with words of vision.

The Cosmic Billionaires Club is written for individuals with no background in religion, astronomy, politics or business. It illustrates the essence of these categories only as an aide to show its absorption by light.

Part of my attempt is to show others the value of light in man, as it is equally important to know the reason for its conception.


The time has come for you to go
To an education of the cosmic flow
So, put your hands on your wallets
Because it’s all the same thing
I want to spend peace like a man of war
I want to buy war to bring peace for evermore

Golden sunsets and golden dreams
Doves can be the flight of spread wings
The matter doesn’t equal the physical
It’s just an example of a solid entity
So, the count is right and we’re playing team ball
Dragon finally taking a fall
And Golden Goldie gets to make the next call

What a membership fee
You can join for only free
But the cost is as I was told
Is to bet your only soul
But if you lose you say goodnight
But if you are a chicken your treasure will die without sight