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Counterfeit Poems by J. J. Loe
Minutes Quartets by Mirel Nechita
Survive or Thrive? by Edwina Truelove
Rising Voices various authors: compiled by Wole Adedoyin
Short Poems for Children by Wole Adedoyin
8 poems : 94/00 by Martin de Mello
A Story not Wished to be Read by Nicola Black
Never Look Back and other poems by Alexis L. Thompson
Confession by Joel Chua Hiang Yang
Expanding Horizons by Joel Chua Hiang Yang
Litmus Park by Joel Chua Hiang Yang
Runaway by Joel Chua Hiang Yang
Love Is by Peter Barns
Hole by Peter Barns
Cautionary Tales: Collected Poems by Peter Barns
Peter's Twittclass by Peter Barns
Anthology Of Poetry - Volume Two by Catherine Lean
Love Tranquility by Lesiba Mabukela
Perceptions of Truth by Rhys Corey Judd
A rose in the dark by Violeta Milovanovic
What To Do If Trapped In a Lift With a Dentist Marcus Freestone
As the River Flows by Gilbert Beeraj
Anteriority by Mirel Nechita
Short 'n' Curly by Julie Patterson
Joys of a Pet By Ai Tse Ying
Garden City and Other Poems Edited by Wole Adedoyin
With Dreams Still Green by Charles Coiro
The Minor Odyssey of Lollie Heronfeathers, Singer by Lenny Everson
The dichotomy of senses by Sandeep Kulshrestha
Tips to Keep Inspiration Alive - Wendy Webb (editor)

Counterfeit Poems is a free poetry book by popular writer, J. J. Loe. This is an excerp from teh poem (1943-): 'That year the sea rose slowly from the plain / crashing into life swollen as an infant. – A thing of its own shadow traced out of the ripple. – Salt white over red sand passed from bosom into hand. Everything that year stopped seeking / stopped struggling with it’s fate. Things primal held in their primacy things with meanings unknown before. – A fleet of sea-ships auspiciously set strewn upon the floors bind the time and the space to a strange and distant ...