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Dragon By Violeta Milovanovic
In Violet By John Paul Kirkham
Fly Away & other poems By Geetima Baruah Sarma
Into the Walled Garden By Clive Gilson
Dog Moon A.D. 3000 by Kevin Rottweiler
The Way Back To Be Human - Mustafa Kenj
Circus Elephants Love Peanuts by Kevin Rottweiler
Echoes on Heavenly Sea Shells by Kevin Rottweiler
American Bulldogs in the Tub by Kevin Rottweiler
Pit Bull Hamburger Cart by Kevin Rottweiler
Burnt Toast by Peter Barns
Tears by Peter Barns
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Songs of Freedom edited by Wole Adedoyin
Book of new Poetry Forms by Wendy Webb
A Rattlebag of Poetry 1995-2004 by Wendy Webb
Locusts and Rainbows by Kevin Rottweiler
Ghosts: Disappearing Histories - Manchester Writers
The Dime Store Goldfish by Kevin Rottweiler
The Meandering Thoughts of a Nomadic Mind:  by Peter C Byrnes
Conspicuous Presumptions By Terry McCarty
Crutches and Hot Water Bottles - Kevin Rottweiler
A Little Ways down the Rabbit Hole by Joanne Elisha Yeo Jia Xuan
Before The Dawn By Wendy Maddocks
Young Poetic Voices from Ebiks Studio. Edited by Wole Adedoyin
Moonlight Songs for Pa Nelson Mandela. Edited by Wole Adedoyin
Moonlight Tunes for an African Child. Edited by Wole Adedoyin
Rising Voices: Poems in Honour of Professor Remi Raji - Edited by Wole Adedoyin
Thoughts in bloom By Geetima Baruah Sarma
Shoah: Remembering the Forgotten by Joanne Elisha Yeo Jia Xuan

An excerpt from the poetry book, Ghosts: Disappearing Histories.'The memories we keep are the memories which are sweet, of the old time shabeens were people were once packed in. With one piece of left foot skank and shirt corners that sharp they could dig out your eye. A night away from daytime oppression. Seeds scattered across a foreign land, through economical deprivation life threw you a different hand. Like a promised land upon a yellow brick road a far cry from the reality of suffering in the cold. Yet for that one night, the vibrations, the outcry ...