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21 Poems for Love, Weddings, and Anniversaries by Lenny Everson
Having Garden Tea with Raffles by David Rowell Workman
Aspects by Mirel Nechita
Blue Ash by Violeta Milovanovic
Thoughts by Mirel Nechita
Once Upon A Poet's Dream by Kathrine Richards
Silent Voices: compiled and edited by Mbizo Chirasha and Wole Adedoyin
Voices From Oja Oba Market compiled and edited by Wole Adedoyin
The Highest Perch by Paula Puddephatt
Lolita Revisited and Other Poems by Dave English
With Love from Ally
Beautifully Crazy by Max M. Power
Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box by Annette Greenaway
Isotropes: A Collection of Speculative Haibun by T J McIntyre
Dark Horse Pictures by Andy Hopkins
Entertainment by Mr If
Fitting Parts
Happy Fat Children and Protein Enhancers by Tom Duckworth
The Birth of Taliesin The Bard by Richard Britton
The Republic of Naught by Jay McLeod
Violence is the Answer by Mr If
Valve Works by Rob Sherman and Sarah Ogilvie
Faces by Ron Sanders
Piece Of The Devil by Ron Sanders
Parts of who I am by Richard A Rousay II
Through my Mind's Eye by Manas Krishnan V
Ocean's Hunter By Ai Tse Ying
Sentences by Mirel Nechita
From the Mind of Madness by Chris T Barber
Lament - a tale based on the poem by Dylan Thomas - Charles Coiro

Rather than use verse, we have presented part of the preface from Tom Duckworths poetry book, Happy Fat Children and Protein Enhancers, which is a free ebook download. We hope you like his poems: 'In many ways the poems you will read in this collection are gibberish nonsense! A rabble of words strung together to make vague sense with the hope that you will find some meaning out of the background dribble. Thinking positive though, I have tried my very best to piece together something thought provoking that I hope will also satisfy the urges of any literate OCD ..