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FINALLY: Answers for the Life You Want.
By Anthony Horn

Category: Politics and Public Affairs
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FINALLY:  Answers for the Life You Want. By Anthony Horn
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Ebook Synopsis

Does the following scenario appeal to you?

"You and your extended family and neighbours belong to a community.  You meet periodically; have plans and goals for your community.  You address the needs and wants that are mutually important.  In the background, supporting you and your community, is a servant-based government (public servants).  They don’t rule you or decide how you should live or how to raise your kids.  Instead, at your direction, they do those things that go beyond single communities – things like assuring that safe drinking water is available; that the food you buy is safe to eat; that you are adequately protected.  Since they are YOUR servants, their scope and power is limited – they do NOTHING that you in your community can do for yourselves.  As parents and extended family you raise, train, educate your children with skills, talents and knowledge to be productive members of your community.  Other communities, next door or around the world, choose to live differently in the goals and details of their lives – and that is perfectly fine."

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