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Teaching, Learning, Education
By Rod Pitcher

Category: Reference Books & Information Books
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Teaching, Learning, Education. By Rod Pitcher
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Ebook Synopsis

This book is a compilation of 40 of my published articles about teaching, learning and education over the last few years. All have been published on a leading Australian and New Zealand teaching and education web site, EducationHQ. They are pretty much in the order of first publication.

Most of the articles were reasonably well received, although it must be said, some were controversial and some attracted various amounts of disagreement. The articles range from the discussion of various teaching, learning and education topics to, something a bit different, a haiku series about a school day as might be written by a schoolchild. They cover a lot of different areas, but are all focused around education matters.

I have brought all the articles together mainly for a desire to have them all in one place for easy access. I hope that anyone interested in teaching, learning and education who does not know about EducationHQ, or does not have access to the web site, will find them useful.

I hope that you find this book useful, or at least interesting enough to read and think about. If you are involved with education I hope that you find the articles useful, in one way or another. If the articles make you think, whether or not you agree with me (these are, after all my opinions, and I don’t expect you to agree with me about everything), I will have achieved something that I think is worthwhile.

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