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Journal of Organics: Volume Four, Number 1
Edited by John Paull

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Journal of Organics: Volume Four, Number 1 Edited by John Paull
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This issue of the Journal of Organics reports recent research on organic food and farming.

A study of organic consumers (N=22,359) in France reports that 61% of French households purchase organic food. It reports that 3.61% of a food shopping budget is spent on organic food items. The figure is 5.96% for shoppers who purchase organic. The price premium for organic in France is 62%. This study presents two maps of France showing % of agriculture that is organic and % of shopping basket that is organic.

A study on cereal breeding reports the development of a new salt-tolerant rice variety. It is suited to the saline conditions of Kerala. The yield is reported as higher than traditional varieties and with good cooking and consumer attributes. This new variety is suited to organic cultivation.

A study reports an account of the first woman organic farmer in Australia. Ileen Macpherson, along with her partner, Ernesto Genoni, founded the original Demeter Farm in Australia. They were both Anthroposophists and they were both members of Rudolf Steiner's Experimental Circle of Anthroposophic Farmers and Gardeners. Their biodynamic farm was in Dandenong in Melbourne from 1934 to 1954. This is an account of the life, love and tragedy of Ileen Macpherson (1898-1984) with memories of those who knew her and it includes photos and a portrait of Ileen by Ernesto.

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