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A Cynic's SourceBook.
By Dr Abb Led, PhD

Category: Reference Books & Information Books
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A Cynic's SourceBook. By Dr Abb Led, PhD
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Ebook Synopsis

Gathered together here for your interest and elucidation is a collection of my cynical thoughts, quips, asides, notes, remarks, observations about Life, the Universe, and (Almost) Everything.

Legal and Health Warnings About This Book: Cynicism may contravene some international treaty provisions or national or state laws. In some jurisdictions, cynicism aimed at other people is still rightly considered a capital offence. Seek legal advice before using.

Cynicism can be injurious to your health and may lead to serious injury to the user if mis-used. Cynicism should only be performed when wearing the correct protective clothing and under the supervision of an appropriately trained professional.

May contain nuts.

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