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Whether you’re crazy about law and politics, or you have a special thing for physics and statistics, the informational and reference books genre has a book or two for you. Learning is something that we can never stop doing; it is a way of life. When the books that we read to acquire all this information needed to keep abreast of the happenings in science, history, and all sectors are well written, it makes learning easier and so much fun. The Obooko information and reference genre are packed with very educative reads, filtered by the best authors in the field.

Reference books that are not only informational but challenge you to take your interest to the next level of making things happen are available in this genre. Healthcare books that provide facts and statistics about medical issues are available to be downloaded for free. If you’re into politics, then you’re in the right place. Books like "the government for a new tomorrow" and "the rise of the insane state" will keep you glued to your screen. Whatever information or insight you're trying to get into major sectors of the world economy, Obooko has made sure that there’s a free informational book that meets your needs.

Good textbooks that are based on established facts about different topics are also available in this genre. If you’re trying to get a hang of data collection and analysis, you can start by reading “Introduction to statistics” by Mortuza Ahmmed. Books ranging from science to arts and philosophy are in the collection. All the textbooks have concrete information on the subjects they focus on. They can be used for academic purposes as they are insightful and full of lots of things what learning.

The authors of these books are professionals in their different fields. They have fused their knowledge together with research and theory learned the basics of all the subjects they focus on, to write amazing pieces that will further help aspiring professionals in the field. Lots of textbooks are available for the Ph.D. level. These books range from relevant pieces of advice on how to deal with this level of education to solid writings on various Ph.D. subjects.

To acquire all the knowledge, you need to succeed in a particular field, different books have to be read and a lot of research has to be done. Purchasing all the relevant materials you need can be really expensive, especially since every material focuses mainly on a topic in that field. Meaning that you probably need a collection of a lot of books on different topics, to keep you well informed and grounded in your chosen career.

Obooko has made all these books free to download on from the site. This is quite an amazing offer and will help a lot of students out there both at college level and professionals seeking to opt their game in their careers. So the next time you need to learn something new, turn to Obooko for free reference books.

Reference books & Information

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Links and Factoids - Sam Vaknin
Persuasive Discipline by Carmen Y. Reyes
K'EKCHI GRAMMAR - An Introduction by George Max
Funforms, learn math the easy way - Joel S. Steinberg
Mandarin-English Dictionary - William Reading
A brief look at the History of Censorship by Darrell Wright
Battle of the River Plate by Pat Fogwill
A Great Deception - The Ruling Lamas' Policies
Composers, Artists & Groups by Mrs C A Hutchins
Advice to a Troubled PhD Student by Rod Pitcher
PhD Musings by Rod Pitcher
Metaphor Analysis Using MIP by Rod Pitcher
The Fresher's Handbook by Joanna Moore
Introduction to Statistics by Mortuza Ahmmed
Journal of Organic Systems Vol.7 No.2 - Various Authors
PhD Musings 2 by Rod Pitcher
Basic Home Security by Jacobus Kotze
Book of new Poetry Forms by Wendy Webb
Better Ways to Succeed in Aid and Development Work - Adi Walker, Bryan Walker, Richard Walker
How to Succeed with Distance Education by Dr. Bryan Walker
Hackers: An Anomalous Global Community by Rod Pitcher
Journal of Organics: Volume One, Number 1 Edited by John Paull
Teaching, Learning, Education. By Rod Pitcher
A Brief Guide to Living with Danger. By Mike Dixon
A Student Manual on Jurisprudence. By Eliud Kitime
Using Metaphor Analysis to  Research Researchers’ Conceptions. By Rod Pitcher
Journal of Organics: Volume Four, Number 1 Edited by John Paull
A Cynic's SourceBook. By Dr Abb Led, PhD
L. a book about language and literature. By Rod Pitcher
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Composers, Artists & Groups by Mrs C A Hutchins is one of the information books currently favoured among our reference ebooks free for download - this is a snippet: 'The Beatles, a British pop group from Liverpool, dominated the charts worldwide throughout the 1960’s and is universally recognised as the most popular and influential pop group of all time. The most frequently used of the various nicknames that were applied to the group was the fab four, which caught on after the release of the 1963 album. Disc jockeys quickly took up the phrase. They were also known as the moptops ...