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The Tolerance of Hinduism by J. R. Singh
Free ebook: Hinduism

Category: Religion and Beliefs - Religious Books
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The Tolerance of Hinduism by J. R. Singh
Ebook Synopsis

The function of a good book is to open the eyes of its readers to new philosophies, all the while showing them that these "alien" philosophies may not, in fact, differ much from their own. Judged by that standard, The Tolerance of Hinduism succeeds. I know very little about Hinduism, but this book presented a persuasive elucidation of the religion's broad-mindedness. The fictional story of Herman Schneider was both touching and illustrative-by placing these teachings within a human context, the author makes it easy to understand their relevance to our lives. The book is brief, but it will certainly leave the reader intrigued about the precepts and principles of Hinduism. The telling of this story was clearly a labor of love for JR. Singh, and I hope he has success in reaching a wider audience.

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