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Images of The Savior by Nathan Pitchford
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Category: Religion and Beliefs - Religious Books
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Images of The Savior by Nathan Pitchford
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Ebook Synopsis

The need of mankind as the children and heirs of Adam is desperate and manifold: the human race is laboring under a curse of immense proportions, enslaved to sin and to Satan, dead in trespasses, and storing up the terrible wrath of God for the day of judgment. Our desperate and various need calls for a glorious and diverse Savior. Jesus Christ is unique in that he has displayed in his matchless person every perfection necessary for the hope and salvation of the worst of sinners. Images of the Savior is a series of 50 meditations, based on the major events in the life of Christ from his birth to his ascension, which showcase the diverse and glorious attributes of the Savior, and demonstrate how those various attributes hold forth the only solution to man in his need.