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The Word of YHWH by The Word
Free ebook: religion

Category: Religion and Beliefs - Religious Books
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The Word of YHWH by The Word
Ebook Synopsis

If you are living in Sin then your religion is worthless. 1 Corinthians 15:17 Surely, God never intended to save you through religion, but rather to save you out of it. Because of Religion, you have been kept in the domain of darkness by not knowing the meaning of Salvation. For this you would need to know the meaning of Sin then the meaning of Faith, the wherewithal to Righteousness. Although the master puppeteer is at fault, keep in mind, you are the one paying for the puppets and for the show. 2 Peter 2:3, John 8:24

The beginning of the end of Religion. Jeremiah 51:45, Revelation 18:4Psalms 41:13