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The Christian Healing Stream by John C. Kirk
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Category: Religion and Beliefs
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The Christian Healing Stream by John C. Kirk
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Ebook Synopsis

Healings and experiences of John C. Kirk. AIl streams start from a tiny point giving no evidence of the possible tremendous reservoir from which it originates.


Thousands and thousands of books have been written about healing, I do not know whether this tiny work of mine will help further your knowledge, but I feel I must set my thoughts and experiences out for you, as the knowledge I have is like a stream of water, which has been dammed up and will eventually flood or just evaporate into nothing. This is why I call this work: The Healing Stream.

I wish to point out at this stage that all the healing sessions which I had anything to do with were conducted on a one to one basis without any emotional preaching or even theological sermonizing. I am wary of the modern healing services which I have seen, as I feel a mystical element is introduced which does not to my mind emulate Jesus's method, or even the method used by his disciples. In the modern Healing service there is too much opportunity for hypnotic influence and mass hysteria, and this is nothing less than a satanic counterfeit of the real thing.

The touch of Jesus in the body or in the life situation of the seeker is unmistakable and unforgettable, so real that the faith of the person grows and cannot be shaken. I believe it is through Jesus's personal confrontation with the seeker that, that soul,is added to His church. Just as Paul's experience, changed his thinking, setting him off in an exact opposite direction.

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