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Just Change Your Mind by Dr. Clarence E Young
Free ebook: Christianity

Category: Religion and Beliefs
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Just Change Your Mind by Dr. Clarence E Young
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Ebook Synopsis

The purpose of this book is to give an understanding to the difference in the concept of the carnal and the spiritual minds, and to instruct on how to change your surroundings to become a product of your paradigm.


In becoming and being a “Christian”, there is a lot more to this than just saying “I’m a Christian!” There also has to be a change made in your actions along with the change in your speech. You not only should be able to say “Yes I’m a Christian” or I am a child of God”, There also has to be actions to support or backup these statements in which you are claiming. There has to be fruit that shows the results of the life you say you are living. The Word of God states that “Faith without works is dead.” It also lets us know that all things must be done in word as well as in deed. The two work hand and hand together to carry out the purpose of which it was designed. Without the other one on its own holds no power and will surely fail.

So…. Take a brief moment to examine, if you will, your speech pattern. How do you sound to yourself when you speak? How do people around you react when you speak? When you speak, how does your words impact the lives of those who hear it? Are your words uplifting and encouraging or are they hateful and discouraging? Are the fruits of your lips imparting life in or contracting death into the lives of others? Are you condemning others or are you having mercy on and forgiving in your judgment of others?

Now…. take another moment or two to examine your actions. What type of fruit result in the actions you take? How does your actions affect your loved ones and others that are around you? How do others view your actions? If someone was to label you according to the things they see you do, what would they have to say about you? Are you showing love and compassion to others or are you walking around only concerned about your own well-being?