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Is the Bible Divinely Inspired? - Special Edition
By Richie Cooley

Category: Religion and Beliefs
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Is the Bible Divinely Inspired? - Special Edition
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E-book Synopsis

This free e-book seeks to prove the divine authorship of the Bible through archaeology, eschatology, and Messianic prophecies.

In this book the author surveys the proof of supernatural realities in a way that doesn’t require travel to exotic lands; we are going to view the divine finger which is evidenced in the written Word of God. Our study has a simple, five-point outline. First, since deep agnosticism and crass materialism are currently the norms in academic circles, we are going to point out some of the major flaws in these theories. Second, having taking these modern stumbling-blocks out of the way, we are going to investigate the Bible as to its authenticity and overall reliability. Third, having proven the historicity of the Scriptures themselves, we shall then examine in detail the extensive prophetic passages that were fulfilled with the coming of Jesus Christ nearly 2,000 years ago. Afterwards we will consider the divine patterns that are displayed in nature and the Scriptures, while the final section will discuss what the Bible predicts for the future.