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Fruit Amidst the Thorns By Roman New
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Category: Religion and Beliefs, Sprituality
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Fruit Amidst the Thorns By Roman New
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E-book Synopsis

The forty essays contained within this book are a reservoir of information to fill in the valley of unawareness to enable new fruit to blossom in how we feel and what we do. The knowledge contained within the pages is like snow falling on destructive attitudes to create a stable and peaceful spirit. The various essays inspire us to revere the sanctity of life by being sensitive to the divine workings of our inner life. A light comes on to illuminate the divine worth that exists in every human being. Through the reading of “Fruit Amidst the Thorns” we comprehend the essential need to radiate with positively charged energy. By the blossoms of spiritual fruitfulness we persevere even though thorns are around us.

Excerpt from ‘By Their Fruits We Will Know Them:’

We can easily judge the character of a person by how they treat the living divinity residing in the soul. What kind of person would oppose the goodness that comprises your inner life? By answering that question you already know how easily it is to determine the character of others. The next question to answer is what kind of person welcomes the divine qualities of your soul? The answer to that question also reveals how easy it is to judge the character of a person by how they relate to the inward deity. We all have various degrees of spiritual fruitfulness living in us and we know the character of others by whether they contribute or take away from that good fruit. Very simply, a person who welcomes a smile and all the positive energy that comes with it is quite different in character from someone who seems to always take that joyful smile away. That is also the same for the spirit of peace. We would hope that people are hospitable to the qualities of a peacemaker but some people tend to incite hostile attitudes. From that, it's very easy to distinguish the nature of the person by how they relate to that tranquility of inner life. Also, some issues seem to center around the sanctity of life. Within that issue we can decipher the ones who purposely attack the right of others to exist and those making a sincere effort to share a passionate desire to instill a respect for life. When there is praise for shining a light on the divine worth permeating humanity then we know we are in the presence of a person with a noble character full of honorable intentions. But, when someone attempts to belittle others to blind them to their divine worth then we know the character of that person is dastardly. If I were to sum this up, I would simply say one type of person will relate well to the positive energy flowing through what you say and do. In contrast, another type of person makes ill-intended efforts to induce negative energy in your attitudes and behaviors. By their fruits we know how they relate to the divinity of the soul.