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Spiritual Evolution: From Flint Stones to Civil Tones By Roman New

Category: Religion and Beliefs, Sprituality
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Spiritual Evolution: From Flint Stones to Civil Tones - Roman New
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E-book Synopsis

A book of 19 essays that illuminate the role of the spiritual fruit in shaping civilization. Here are some titles from the book; "The Stone Age: An Era of Realization and Knitters," "Self Preservation and the Spiritual Fruit," "Evolution: Are You Left Behind?" and "The Essentials of the Eternal Spirit."

Our present knowledge always seems inadequate to fully anticipate future progression. We know some things by bits and pieces and try to formulate a future compass. But when the more perfect future arrives we realize how imperfect was our past knowledge. We are transformed by the renewing of our mind. From where we began we talk about things from those beginnings, but as we progress that past knowledge becomes obsolete. Today, we are looking through a dirty window into an unclear destiny, but when the future arrives we are living that experience. For this reason, as we look through the dirty window always maintain faith, hope, and charity. And the most important is to continue in love.

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