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A Biblical View of UFOs. By Richie Cooley
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Category: Religion and Beliefs
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A Biblical View of UFOs - Richie Cooley
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E-book Synopsis

The interest in aliens has been increasing for decades. Are they real? Are people really being abducted? What does Bible have to say about them? Please join me as I explore many such issues.


A recent headline shot out with a thunderclap across the blogosphere: Did scientists just pick up the first intelligent radio waves from a distant ALIEN planet? The article (written by Jon Austin on November 29, 2015, for reported on some “amazing” findings…

ASTRONOMERS have picked up five mysterious unidentified radio signals that could originate from OUTSIDE the Milky Way.

The “fast radio bursts” included one “double signal” never heard before and have left astronomers buzzing with excitement over the possibility of it being a message with alien origins.

Only 11 of the unidentified transient radio pulses have been recorded before around the world.

And it is the curious new double blast - which was accompanied by four “singles” - which has baffled astronomers analysing data from the Parkes radio telescope in New South Wales, Australia.

Emily Petroff from Swinburne University, in Melbourne, one of the team who discovered the signals, believes the origin could be more remarkable than anything recorded before.

She tweeted: “We have no idea what’s going on, but we know it’s definitely something cool”…

Fast radio bursts (FRBs) were first discovered from records in 2007, and we finally saw one in real-time last year. However, there has never, until now, been a double blast.

They are quick-fire bursts of radio energy, originating from great distances away, and, as a result, must have contained a huge amount of energy. The source remains a total mystery.

As a Biblical creationist I can’t help but snicker. Evolutionists for decades have scorned those who believe in the book of Genesis for being lazy; supposedly everything in the universe we creationists can’t easily explain we quickly attribute to God’s supernatural power. This is often referred to as the “god of the gaps” mentality. This has been a major insult used in countless debates and rebuttals by materialists. Yet now society has apparently gone from disparaging the “god of the gaps” to embracing the “aliens of the gaps.” As investigative technology becomes better (or simply more employed by people desperate for purpose and/or with YouTube channels) there is going to be data that can’t be explained via the ordinary and easily known, but there is a universe of possibilities out there in terms of matter and energy in outer space; why choose aliens?