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New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician
By Victor Porton

Category: Religion and Beliefs
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New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician - Victor Porton
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E-book Synopsis

This is a New Testament commentary written by a mathematician, which contains many new revelations.

In Gospel there are things which are not revealed when just reading the text but only after a serious scrutinized study.

This way, reading my book you will get much new insight, revealing you new mysteries which I discovered and want to share with you.

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Excerpt (Preface)

In this book I am going to tell you my thoughts on the New Testament, so you will know the same mysteries as me.

Throughout, I will note all interesting or important things I have discovered in the New Testament that are not trivial. In other words, things that are not readily evident without engaging in a scrutinized study.

I lay no claim to infallibility, for to do so would be presumptuous. Rather, what is written is the personal opinion of Victor Porton. I am a man and may err.

Bible quotes are taken from the World English Bible unless otherwise specified.

Unlike some other Bible commentaries, this book is grouped by topics rather than the order of verses.

If you have never taken the time to read the New Testament in its entirety, I highly recommend you read it prior to continuing on with this book. Although there are a large variety of translations available, I recommend World English Bible.