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So, You Want to Corrupt Humans? By EMS
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Category: Religion and Beliefs - Spirituality
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So, You Want to Corrupt Humans? By EMS
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E-book Synopsis

This book has been written with a humorous slant. However, the Satanic attack on humans is about as funny as a whimsical look at the holocaust. Those who do not believe that Satan is real can still find something of value if they consider this as just a story or a perspective on human fallibility.

C. S. Lewis wrote a book of similar vein called “The Screwtape Letters”. While not aspiring to such literary heights, it is hoped that the inclusion of an occasional graphic will make the salient points more clear.

Ideas about Satan and hell are derived from many sources. A Saturday morning cartoon might have an image of a little devil on one’s shoulder suggesting bad behaviour. Medieval paintings often attempted to portray eternal suffering as did Dante’s Inferno. Some particularly hardy partiers anticipate going to hell so they can party with their friends. One seldom considered source that perhaps has greater credibility is the Bible.

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