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The Inferno: A Biblical Survey of Plagues
By Richie Cooley

Category: Religion and Beliefs
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The Inferno: A Biblical Survey of Plagues By Richie Cooley
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E-book Synopsis

This free booklet begins with a Biblical discussion of the Hebrew and Greek terms for plagues. It then moves on to apply these ideas to an exposition of the book of Numbers, chapter 16. Having done this, modern culture is discussed via the genres of politics, science, and the Christian religion.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous writer who gave the world Sherlock Holmes, wrote a book, which took his readers to the lawlessness of the wild American frontier. The novel is entitled The Valley of Fear, and it is a very engrossing tale. The situation that was described in this valley was somewhat based on actual events (although the real story occurred in Pennsylvania).

In the second half of the novel a young member of a lodge-oriented society moves west to flee from a murder he committed in Chicago. He comes to a spot that is dominated by a powerful syndicate of organised crime and terror, all issuing from a local chapter of the lodge-society that he belongs to. Partly for the love of a young German woman whom he meets and partly because of apparent necessity, he falls in with the crime syndicate and becomes a notorious criminal himself.

Sir Doyle does a marvellous job of describing the valley of fear. He depicts it as being the height of violence and ruthlessness. Under such a climate as the one portrayed, the average citizen was left in a constant state of dread and sorrow. It would be easy in such circumstances to question the existence of objective justice and of a day of judgment. Unbeknownst to the criminals in the valley, justice was alive and active, only hidden for a necessary period of time.

Modern culture has turned into a valley of fear. Everything seems chaotic and seems to be set ablaze. Science, religion, and politics, help form the backbone of any culture, and the lawlessness in these areas has reached a fever pitch. Compare the honourable genius of Francis Bacon to the wild ravings of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Compare the holiness and comradery of the early Christian church as found in the book of Acts to the scattered, faithless mess which constitutes the body of Christ now-a-days. Compare the honour of Abraham Lincoln to the maniacal nonsense of the Clintons and Donald Trump. What is happening?