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Cracks in Invisible Walls.
By Val Hamann

Category: Religion and Beliefs - Spirituality
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Cracks in Invisible Walls. By Val Hamann
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E-book Synopsis

We live in a society where people turn a blind eye to homeless people.

The general perception of homeless people is that they are too lazy to work..

The true story is that there is a story behind every story, a crack in every invisible wall of every person whether they are homeless out on the streets, or homeless in their hearts.

Cracks in walls are visible and can always be repaired, however with cracks in an invisible wall there is no way of telling how long, how deep and how wide the crack is. The only positive thing about any crack in any wall is that it always allows the light to shine through it.

One just needs to take a walk down some quiet alleys, along some railway lines, under some bridges, behind some bushes and to homeless shelters to see how many homeless people there are in a neighbourhood. But when one take tubs of food, second hand clothing or shoes, the homeless seem to creep out of little spaces you would have otherwise not known actually exist.

If you look closely you will always find those spaces have cracks in invisible walls.

For many homeless, a cardboard box is their only security, privacy and total sum of possessions.

With no money for rent, food, counselling or medical care, there are so many cracks in their invisible walls.

My question to society is: What good is it to give a homeless man a meal, if you still leave him out on the street?

Being homeless is not determined by age, race or status. No one is immune, not even the rich.

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