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Revitalizing Your Church through Strategic Community Outreach by Rusty Ford
Puppets of Faith - Theory of Communal Strife BS Murthy
The Miraculous Infant of Prague by John Paul Kirkham
Dreams, Visions and Seers - Peter McArthur
What You Should Have Been Taught In Church, But Weren't. John M. Zikos
Building Wealth for Building the Kingdom: A Financial Planning Guide for Latter-day Saint Families By Devin D. Thorpe
Ideology of Religions. Scientific proof of existence of "God": The catalog of human population.
My Belief. By Joe Isaac Gauthier
Is the Bible Divinely Inspired? - Special Edition By Richie Cooley
Quran in English Translated by Talal Itani
Bhagvad Gita:Treatise of Self-help BS Murthy
Sundara Kanda: Hanuman's Odyssey BS Murthy
Realization Of A Fortnight - Michael James
Fruit Amidst the Thorns By Roman New
Spiritual Evolution: From Flint Stones to Civil Tones - Roman New
Lord of the Garden - Adrian Pelzer
Zechariah's Dreamscape - Richie Cooley
Christmas in Eden - Richie Cooley
A Biblical View of UFOs - Richie Cooley
New Testament Commentary by a Mathematician - Victor Porton
Dystopia (A Christian Essay on Huxley’s, ‘Brave New World’) By Richie Cooley
El-Manzalawy - Answering Atheism And Agnosticism Series: Answering Bertrand Russell
Bridges for honest skeptics. By Joel Lntz
Some Unholy Thoughts About Religion. By Dr Abb Led, PhD
So, You Want to Corrupt Humans? By EMS
A Catholic Understanding of the Near Death Experience. By M. C. Ingraham
The Inferno: A Biblical Survey of Plagues. By Richie Cooley
Solitary - Val Hamann
Cracks in Invisible Walls. By Val Hamann
Things to Remember: Reflections on Our True Identity. By Peter M Parr

An excerpt from Gravity: True For You But Not For Me, by Michael Edwards: 'Here is an example. We are going skydiving and I offer you a parachute or a contraption I made in my garage last night. Which one would you pick? I would hope you’d pick the parachute, because there is no evidence that my contraption works. Faith based on evidence is reasonable faith. In this example, the parachute and my contraption are the objects. If faith is more important than the object, you could strap anything on your back and jump out of the plane, but that’s not realistic ...