This category contains Christian books and e-books about other major religions too.
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The Tolerance of Hinduism by J. R. Singh
2000-A Millennium to an End by K. M. Mathew
Devotions, Sermons and Random Thoughts - Pastor Brian Linebarger
Psycho-practices in Mystical Traditions from the Antiquity to the Present by Andrey Safronov
A Method for Prayer, 1710 edition by Matthew Henry
Weird Beliefs by Barry Wilson
Mystic Christianity by Yogi Ramacharaka
In Pursuit of the Living God by Peter Enseleit
Little Book Open by David Butterworth
The Poor House by Rev. Anthony Perry
Will your "Good", Outweigh your "Bad"? by Ricky Yarbrough
Armageddon For Beginners By David Mckay
Christine's Short-Shorts by Christine Brooks Martin
Pray What God Says by Christine Brooks Martin
Talk to God with Affirmations of Faith by Christine Brooks Martin
The Word of YHWH by The Word
Gravity: True For You But Not For Me by Michael Edwards
Alpha and Omega by Francis Wolfe
Bhagavad Gita for Dummies: in plain English
The Seed - Trilogy of Time Part 1 by Jaco Basson
Seed of 3 Goals, 1 Vision by Panchal Antonees
Heaven is Counting on You! by Nicholas Musa Mthombeni
Abundant Life: Making Every Moment Count by Sheresha N. Russell
Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - A Modern Paraphrase by John McDonald
A Testament Against The World... The Lord's Rebuke - Daan Gleijsteen
MORE Letters From God and His Christ - Daan Gleijsteen
Prison Planet: A Christian Point of View - John Conner
The Christian Healing Stream by John C. Kirk
Just Change Your Mind by Dr. Clarence E Young

2000-A Millennium to an End, by K. M. Mathew, here is an excerpt : 'The family relation can be broadly interpreted as the union of spirit, body and mind in an economic and social life. Different peoples are analyzing the family relation in different ways depending upon their power of will and wish. While selecting their life partner they are giving priority to different factors according to their thinking and requirement. In the present world we see that they are giving priority to six factors essentially. These can be listed in alphabetic order as the Age, Beauty ...