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Geneva's Branch by Payton Lee
Free ebook: Historical Romance

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Geneva's Branch by Payton Lee
Excerpt from the book

Book two in the Geneva Series.

Utah 1869. Dayton trembled uncontrollably doing her best to breathe. Her heart was racing as she crouched in the corner of the Crow lodge. She covered her ears from the shouting and screaming outside. Dayton shut her eyes so tightly; tears streaked her small eight-year old cheeks.

The terrors of just a few months ago were vivid again in her memory. The day she was taken by these people from her family's ranch. On that day there had been nowhere to hide when the Crow warriors suddenly appeared from the woods beyond the creek. Dayton had been just as frightened then and stood like a frozen statue between the barn and the house. obooko.

Dayton had heard her mother call to her. She had watched as her mother picked up her baby sister and ran into the house. Her mother would hide with baby Jerica in the secret wall behind the kitchen. Joseph, her father, and her big brother Todd were gone for the day. They had gone on a hunting trip to start stockpiling meat for the winter.

Still frozen in fear Dayton stood as a Crow warrior bent down from his painted pony and scooped her up. The warrior roughly placed her on the blanket saddle in front of him and held her tiny waist with one strong hand. The Crow warrior directed his pony with leg movements and screamed fiercely with words Dayton did not understand. That day, just a few short months ago, Dayton had also covered her ears to the horrible screeching.

She remembered sitting in front of that Crow warrior as he circled the barn and ranch house many times while other warriors plundered the barn and the ranch home for anything they thought might be of value. The warriors did not seem interested in people. They just wanted plunder. The Crow party left when the other warriors remounted. Dayton was taken away from her family, but she knew her family had been unharmed and was still alive. Dayton believed her father and brother would come for her.

Dayton had been taken to a strange place where people lived in hide cones. The Crow had been cruel to her at first. The women and children taunted her. The men ignored her. Dayton learned quickly that if she did the chores the women directed her to do she would be left alone